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Kristiina Lunnas
+358 40 596 9181
Kristiina Lunnas
ESG Director
Driving our ESG operations

Kristiina is in charge of Inventure’s investor relations, fund compliance and administration as well as monitoring governance across the portfolio. She also concentrates on ESG topics and developing the fund and the industry in this respect. She joined Inventure in early 2018, having worked for the previous 5 years at financial companies Springvest and Vauraus, most recently as a Compliance Officer for the latter. Prior to that, Kristiina worked at Accenture, in the consulting company’s Finance and Performance Management unit. Kristiina is also a member of FVCA’s (Finnish Venture Capital Association) Legal Committee.

While many other team members are described as ‘trustworthy’, Kristiina takes it a step further by being the ultimate bedrock of our funds’ smooth and stable operations. Others are having a hard time trying to remember a single time she hasn’t shipped what was promised and emphasize that she always, always delivers down to the smallest detail. At work, ”Titu” ensures that Inventure follows each rule and guideline by the book, yet in her Krav Maga hobby all rules are off. Martial arts and sports are one of her favorite pastimes, as she loves getting away from the everyday hassle into a completely new environment, whether it’s traveling to a new country or skiing down the Alps.