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We take early bets in the most ambitious Nordic and Baltic founders.

From Wolt, Swappie, Stravito, and Jobbatical, we've backed 90 teams since 2005. We know the challenges our region's founders face. And we know how to get you to the next level.

Our sweet spot
€1-3m ticket
Ticket range:
First institutional investor:
87% of portfolio
Total raised by our portfolio:
€1.9 billion
Latest fund announced:
Swappie founders
Stravito founders
Wolt founder
Jobbatical founder

In early-stage, everything is about the team.

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A generalist fund with strong conviction

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Recent additions to the Inventure family
Offering AI-based multi-market optimization for renewable energy and battery systems
Pre-Seed in 2023
Capalo AI
The payments and operations solution for vertical SaaS and B2B marketplaces
Seed in 2023
Creating the most compelling in-space data flow company of the new space era
Seed in 2023
We develop advanced quantum algorithms to solve complex problems in life sciences
Series A in 2023
Building data infrastructure to sustainably store, move, and grow data across cloud and on-premises.
Pre-Seed in 2023
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