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Gwen Sandberg
Gwen Sandberg
Investment Director
Texan. Mom. Mentor. VC.

Gwen is an Investment Director at Inventure, based in Stockholm. Born and raised in Texas, she has over 15 years of operational experience across biotech, ecommerce, adtech, and fintech.

She joins us most recently from the fintech unicorn Tink, hired as employee 30 and leaving as Global Head of SMB & Startups. Prior to Tink, Gwen was in sales management at Google in Ireland. She adds to Inventure’s knowledge with strong operational experience in Fintech and SaaS, across all stages of a company’s scaling journey.

Gwen gets excited about anything fintech, insurtech, and B2B SaaS.

Outside of work she is passionate about young children’s education and volunteers as a mentor for young adults. She has strong opinions about Texas BBQ, college football, and loves playing tennis and is known for hosting great parties.