Ekaterina Gianelli
+358 44 317 3470
Ekaterina Gianelli
Venture Partner
A former operator with a lot of empathy for founders and a passion for shaping teams. Most alive when playing, doing sports, cooking or sharing meals with people.

An operator-turned-VC, Ekaterina loves working closely with founders to help them build their teams and scale globally. Prior to joining Inventure, she was part of the team scaling Fjord from a small consultancy into a world leading design and innovation firm. She has also worked on product and sales at an adtech startup. Based out of Helsinki, Ekaterina focuses on consumer and SME software businesses, having a special interest in digital health, foodtech, and conscious consumption. She is Finland’s only Kauffman Fellow.

Eka values people over processes. She’s often described as a people-driven, empathetic problem solver – each quality much appreciated by founders looking to spot the best talent and scale globally. Curiosity is the defining trait of her personality, and she’s always on the lookout for new things – whether it’s a product, a book, or an art exhibition. She’s also mentioned as the social butterfly of Inventure and a true foodie who can have a massive FOMO if there’s a restaurant she’s not yet explored.